Lover's Choice 5-pk Gift Set

Lover's Choice 5-pk Gift Set

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Adiva Naturals Lover's Choice Gift Set is the perfect pamper and play package. This hand picked package by Nadira Chase, Product Developer, is the first step to the art of seduction. Get ready if you want to spark a new flame or rekindle an old one!

Suggested Instructions/Package contains:

  1. Start with a warm bath together using the Sweetheart Bath Bomb (1 Bomb)
  2. Grab your hunee and give them a sensual rub down with the Vanilla Sandalwood Soap (1 Bar) 
  3. Polish each other's skin before you exit the shower with Vanilla Sandalwood Body Scrub (16oz) Bonus.. It taste good on the skin.
  4. Full body massage for each other using this baby maker Cherry Pineapple Hair and Skin Conditioner (Small 4oz / Large 8oz)
  5. Apply our signature scent where it counts: LUST 'The Aphrodisiac' Unisex Essence (0.2ml)

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