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Nadira Chase

Adiva Naturals Founder, CEO & Product Developer

Nadira ChaseAt the age of 11 my struggle with psoriasis began. At first on my legs, eventually spreading to various parts of my body.  I thought my father and I were the only ones in the world who had it.  I tried numerous skin-care products and topical steroid treatments, yet my skin didn't get better—in some instances it got worse!  And, if that wasn't enough stress for a young girl, I also had very short hair that never seemed to grow. Because of these struggles, I decided to study natural remedies to treat my psoriasis and help my hair grow.  I began to formulate my own mixtures of herbs and oils to use on my skin. My first product was a concoction of goldenseal root and what I thought to be cocoa butter. It wasn't until years later that I discovered that the famous brand of cocoa butter that I used wasn’t cocoa butter at all; in fact, it was a mixture primarily made of cocoa extract and mineral oil.  This was my introduction to how misleading and deceptive the cosmetic industry can be.  After this realization, my beautiful and seemingly healthy aunt passed away at 30 years old from a suspicious brain aneurism.  The doctors' finds were inconclusive, but at 15 years old, I was astute enough to make the connection between her death and the cosmetics she had used after having learned so much researching my skin and hair.   

Nadira Chase, 39, 2013 Top 40 Under 40 - Style Weekly

My hobby had turned into a passion so this, folks, is when I became a cosmetic researcher!  I investigated every skin ailment I could think of.  I became the family dermatologist. I researched everything and desperately sought out natural ingredients to replace each of the synthetic, harmful and carcinogenic ingredients that were in EVERY product that we used.  My task was difficult—there was no internet at the time—but the health of my family was of utmost importance.  Slowly but surely, I discovered oils such as coconut, olive, jojoba and herbs such as burdock, nettle and Pau d'arco that proved useful on our hair and skin. 

Now, a regular part of my life, I continued to study herbs and oils and in college I developed remedies for friends' skin and hair needs.

This dedication even carried into my professional life: In 2002 I opened a restaurant (yes, I’m a great cook) and utilized my research to enhance the menu with healthy, great tasting foods containing fresh herbs and ingredients.  Never straying too far from my original passion, I continued to produce my own soaps and hair and skin products for my troubled skin and now dreadlocked hair.  Customers and friends who were familiar with my issues remarked on how clear my skin was and how great my hair looked.  Because I knew my products worked amazingly, I made soaps, ointments, and hair products and gave them away to friends and restaurant clients who needed them.

In 2005, after realizing there was a need for truly NATURAL hair and skin products, I began product development in my home and the basement of my restaurant.  From this labor came a treatment for psoriasis and eczema, as well as a multi-purpose moisturizer for the hair and body.  And, so Adiva Naturals was born from a personal skin solution to a passion to help people everywhere with natural hair and skin care products.

Adiva Naturals products for multicultural skin types and hair of various curl patterns became progressively necessary because they do not contain the toxic and harmful chemicals that most major commercial beauty lines accommodate. Everyday products, were widely becoming the norm to contain toxic chemicals known to lead to breast cancer and various other types of cancers.

There are many man-made cancer risky chemicals to avoid however parabens and phthalates were among the main ones that led to me developing this product line absent from these silent killers over 15 years ago.

My mission and drive to make consumers aware greatly deepen after I lost a good girlfriend of mine to the battle of cancer. My friend was diagnosed with breast cancer and the doctor went in and remove the cancer, without having to do a mastectomy. However, after a successful procedure, the doctor prescribed an ointment to apply on her breast that contained three toxic parabens. I was outraged, why would they after removing a cancer, give their patient something that could cause cancer; without hesitation, I hurried to create a healthier alternative for her.

Unfortunately, a year later my friend was diagnosed with liver cancer that spread, and then she was tired of fighting. This loss fueled my desire to keep educating the community on the threats of these detrimental ingredients and to continue to provide healthy hair and skin care product alternatives to the marketplace. 

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