Organic Libido Booster - Unisex 16oz
Organic Libido Booster - Unisex 16oz

Organic Libido Booster - Unisex 16oz

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Our unisex Libido Booster Formula offers a comprehensive approach to enhancing sexual stamina, mood, motivation, and desire. It aims to improve sexual pleasure, elevate libido levels, and increase overall energy and stamina during exertion.

This formula is designed to prolong erections, delay orgasms, and strengthen and enlarge erections with regular use. It also seeks to enhance sperm count, maintain healthy testosterone levels, and improve ejaculations and sensitivity.

Additionally, the formula aids in addressing erectile dysfunction, fostering muscle density and endurance, accelerating post-exercise muscular repair, and balancing hormones in both males and females.

Directions for use:
Take 1 to 2 teaspoons twice daily (5ml), preferably in the morning before breakfast and at night with dinner. For increased benefits, consider taking 3 teaspoons twice daily.

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