Hair & Body Refresher - Trio Set

Hair & Body Refresher - Trio Set

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Great in your home, car and anything that needs refreshing.

Adiva Naturals Hair & Body Refresher - An Everything Refresher is a unisex, crisp, refreshing essence that will surely entice you and anyone near you to pure invigoration. Perfect for everyday refreshment of hair, body, car, sheets, even some pets. Great spray astringent after haircut. Our Coconut Lemongrass Refresher flavor is an excellent insect repellent.  Available in three flavors and two sizes: 4oz bottle or 2oz travel size.

  • Air freshener: Freshly Squeezed, Coconut Lemongrass and Vanilla Sandalwood flavors 
  • Odor neutralizer, including smoke and smelly gym shoes 
  • Car Detailing... Here's your finishing touch 
  • Great for Uber and Lyft Drivers refresh your vehicle between rides

Shake well, spray all over hair, body and whatever you want to smell fresh and invigorating. Can be used multiple times a day. It will never smell too strong. Great in your home, car and anything that needs refreshing.

Aloe vera, floral waters of chamomile and lavender, distilled water, witch hazel, silver citrate and essence of coconut and lemongrass (or essence of citrus, mango and pineapple) 

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