Beat The Heat with Adiva Naturals

Summer is here and almost gone, however...

We're sure you are trying to combat the heat with your favorite products, and we here at Adiva Naturals have some product recommendations to help bring forth the best YOU! Also, check out our "BETCHA DIDN'T KNOW" section below for additional uses for our products, you probably had no idea how many uses each of our products have!

Clarifying Herbal Rinse

Apple Cider Vinegar Clarifying Herbal Rinse was designed to bring out the best in your hair while restoring its brilliance and shine. Although this rinse works great on all hair types it serves as an excellent dissolving agent, specially when sweat and product build up settles on your scalp and in your hair. Simply spray your scalp when you need a refresh, and let the tingling, cooling agents give you a renewed feeling and look.

Betcha didn't know... our clarifying herbal rinse has multiple uses, including being a great treatment for foot fungus, head lice, and it can also be used an armpit refresher for those sour days!


Leave-In Hair & Skin Conditioner

Leave-in Hair & Skin Conditioner is truly versatile product is especially formulated to help stop hair breakage, add sheen, help prevent breakage as well as moisturize dry thirsty skin.

Betcha didn't know... our leave-in hair & skin conditioner is great for the summer because it adds protection from the sun, and it doubles as a great tanning oil for your skin! It can also be used as an hot oil treatment, as well as an everyday oil for your thirsty curls!



Hair & Body Refresher

Hair & Body Refresher is a unisex, crisp, refreshing essence that will surely entice you and anyone near you to pure invigoration. Blended with floral waters of Lavender, Chamomile & Aloe Vera.

Betcha didn't know.... those pesky bugs like mosquito's and gnats do not like Lemongrass scents? Spray yourself and your family down with our Coconut Lemongrass Body Refresher and keep bugs away the natural way! Also use your refresher to freshen up for that date after a long day of work...


Body Polish

Our Body Polish is developed to give your skin the perfect exfoliating and skin detoxifying experience!  Enriched with pure and gentle ingredients, and fresh ginger our revitalizing sugar polish will scrub away dead tired skin and replace it with nourishing and moisturizing vitamins and minerals.

Betcha didn't know... exfoliating with our Body Polish will assist in your tanning process. If you exfoliate regularly, specially during this time of the year, removing that layer of dead skin regularly will help the sun or tanning bed penetrate your skin leaving you with a more visible tan!


Be sure to comment below and let us know how our suggestions helped you BEAT THE HEAT this summer! And if you have any ideas or suggestions that you may use our multi purpose products for feel free to share! Comment below!

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